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A New Collaboration – Horses & Cartoons

I am very pleased to be part of a new FB project, Horse Cartoons & Cartoonists. The page is the brainstorm of fellow horse cartoonist, Andi Varkonyi of Paper Mustang.


Andi loves horses and a good laugh. She wanted a page to showcase the work of all the talented horse cartoonists, around the world. A page that could be a resource for all horse lovers, but not just a place to post images. Andi wanted to post others work including a direct link to the artist’s site or FB page. This accountability gives proper credit to the artist’s work and allows people to find an individual page to follow.

I was thrilled when Andi approached me to help her administer the page. I think her idea is brilliant. There have been occasions when my work has been posted on social media after someone has cropped out my name and credit. It sucks to have work circulating and no one knows its yours. My art is my business and “being out there” is an important marketing tool. So, I appreciate the thoughtfulness behind Horse Cartoons & Cartoonists. Its not just an enjoyable page to follow, a place for a good laugh, its a great resource and allows credit to other artist’s great work.


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