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A Summary of 2013

In 2013 I focused my artistic efforts on self-organization and establishing priorities with the ultimate goal always being to grow my art business. I have a million things I’d love to do with my art, but I constantly strive to focus my efforts on a few things at a time. Setting limits and reasonable goals was important last year because it encouraged thoughtful momentum for this new year.


A key change in 2013 was consolidating and redesigning my website with all content housed within a single url. I launched the redesigned site on January 20th. The new site provides an easier interface and better organization of my varied content.

MY ART PEEPS page launched in May. This page is a showcase of my creative friends and their wonderful work – painting, pottery, jewelry, photography, crafts and illustration. Thank you friends for sharing your talents;

Donald Townsend, Patty Rollins, Erin Wheeler, Kyle Brooks, Kathy Duke, Kim Kesti, Barbara Nerenz-Kelley, Teresa Crowder, Maria Dondero and Anni Betts.

In October I launched another new page – SKETCH BLOG. These posts show the progression of a painting from initial sketch, to line drawing and finally the painted piece. I think its a good way to people see how a piece evolves from start to finish. has enjoyed a successful relaunch with over 11,000 visitors in 2013! Yeeowza!


The economy seems to be improving as sales improved significantly. 22 paintings and commissions which is a significant increase over recent past years. I’d like to thank everyone for the commissions, illustration projects and purchases of existing work! I’m especially honored that many of you purchased two or more pieces so whip cream and cherry on top of your thank youz!


NickerDoodles, equine funnies for horsey folks, had a successful second year! Monthly posts through partnerships with, and “Collected Remarks” the GDCTA magazine, exposed NickerDoodles to a monthly viewership base of over 40,000.


I have alot planned for the new year so visit my site regularly so you don’t miss anything. Consider following me through one of the social media outlets, links in the footer below. And as always, thank you for supporting my work!




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