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An Honor to be the Guest Speaker!

I had the best evening Thursday as guest speaker at a dinner attended by about 70 very passionate artists and their instructor and fellow artist, Karen Bradshaw.
I met Karen briefly several years ago as I was leaving the Abernathy Art Center she came over and introduced herself. We just spoke for a few minutes and I enjoyed our conversation. This summer I received a letter in the mail from Karen. I instantly remembered her. She asked if I would speak at her end of the year banquet for her students. Of course! What an honor.
So I’m thinking this will be a couple dozen artists, perhaps at Karen’s home. A few weeks before the event, Karen called to give directions and find out what I wanted to talk about. I wasn’t quite prepared when she explained that this was a formal sit down dinner to be held at The Atlanta Country Club. Gulp! And that about 70 artists would be in attendence. Gulp! And they’ve never before had a guest speaker so I’m breaking new ground and what did I plan to speak about? Oh Dear!
But I wasn’t really nervous because talking about art with other artists is always a pleasure. Talking about art to someone who doesn’t give a hoot, now that’s hard to do.
The evening was great. Each of Karen’s students brought in a piece that had completed during the year. I particularly inspired by their passion as artists and how much they love learning and exploring with Karen. It was a lovely community of very devoted people, many have been taking lessons for over 10 years with Karen.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
If you’re interested in lessons, please check out Karen’s website.

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