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Director’s Choice Award

I haven’t shown much of my work the last few years. I wanted my work to evolve and I wanted to explore new mediums. I needed time to work through the transitions and experiment. I am pleased with how my work is transforming so I decided to enter a few juried shows this year.

Its always an honor to be accepted and I was very pleased to have two pieces accepted in the Abernathy Arts Center Annual Georgia Artists Exhibit. “Equitation Class” is my first painting acrylic on canvas shown in public. “Sleepers Black and Blue” is one of a series of nine pieces featuring people under striped sheets. It is gouache, my mainstay, but a transition piece to simpler forms and compositions. It also received the Director’s Choice Award.

The show runs May 5 to June 16, 2017 at the Abernathy Arts Center

“Sleepers Black & Blue”

Equitation Class FOR SALE

“Equitation Class”

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