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Its All About Alex

I was lucky to share 14 years of my life with a wonderful dog, Alex. Alex was a black lab and had a vocabulary of hundreds of words. He was a great duck hunting partner for my boyfriend, Chris. He was a day to day companion for me. I worked in advertising for many years and would only accept jobs that would allow Alex to come to work with me. He was a very special dog.

As he aged, he spent a lot of time under my drawing table. I began to include Alex (sometimes my other labs, Pumpkin and Francis) in every painting. It was my way to pay tribute to his company – to include him in my other passion – my paintings.

Alex had many human friends and I haven’t previously explained his role in my art. So I’ve included a few older paintings and wonder if you can find Alex?

Alex has been gone for many years but he’ll always hold a special place in my heart and in my art. You can read more about Alex at Aunt Mel’s Animals.

The Beach - can you find Alex?

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