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Mental Snapshot Becomes Newest Painting

A few weekends ago I took a break from painting to ride my horse, Bubba. We had a few exceptionally warm February weekends in Georgia and staying indoors was impossible. Being a lovely day, everyone was at the barn with the same intent to ride and enjoy the weather. We ride in the ring or on the trails but inevitably, we end up chit-chatting at the gate. The horses stand patiently, Bubs in particular is quick to fall sound asleep. While talking, I realized that the colors and composition were interesting. So I took a mental snapshot.

I enjoy people watching but not with the effort of remembering an individual. I study people to see how they stand and move, how they lean toward someone they’re speaking with. I look at the setting and watch for a good composition or try to figure out how I’d mix a color that I like. When I see something compelling, I take a mental snapshot. I can remember someone’s stance in my head for years. And sometimes that person becomes a painting or a figure within a painting.

Such is the case with this painting of friends on a warm February day, riding horses and visiting. It was a lovely afternoon.

"Three Riders" by Melanie Eberhardt

UPDATE: Thank you Rebecca Kestle for purchasing this painting. I am grateful for your continued support! Rebecca has previously purchased several paintings.

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