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“Sleepers” Sounds Like the Name of a Horror Movie but It’s Not!

"Sleepers" for everyone who sleeps with their dogs

"Sleepers" for everyone who sleeps with their dogs

Today I finished another gouache painting. “Sleepers” is a painting of contrasts. The complicated quilted pattern juxtaposed against the simple sleeping figures. The earth tone colors are meant to reflect warmth, repose and comfort. Nothing beats a cold winter night, snuggled under a heavy quilt with your dogs in the bed. I think this topic is one to which many people can related.

And yes, Gustav Klimt’s painting, “The Kiss” is an influence. I love how the intimacy of pattern envelopes the couple in his painting from the turn of the last century.

To see images of this painting in progress and the original sketch drawing, please read recent past posts.

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