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Something New for the New Year

Last year my new year’s resolution was to embrace change. I planned to change in all regards – big and small. Drink more water, clean out my closets ( have 4 sizes of clothes and I’m pretty sure I’ll never see the smallest 2 again), attend schooling shows with Bubs and improve our scores each ride, and work on the business of my art. At the end of the year, I accomplished only a few things. And that just gives more incentive to change this year!

This is my initial step toward big change for 2014 – an acrylic painting – the first. Well, I did paint two in college so technically this is the third. But its the first in my style and the first in over 30 years.

Audition an acrylic painting by Melanie Eberhardt

Audition by Melanie Eberhardt

This painting, “Audition”, is a big change for me. I’ve been blabbering about acrylic pieces for years. I have a stack of 10+ blank canvas in my art room that have been taunting me for years. This piece is a door to new ways of painting and exploring my work and I’m very excited about this new path.

When I began to sketch on the canvas with wet tan paint, I was terrified. With my regular gouache paint, the composition is finished before I begin painting. I paint shapes and the color butts against each other – no overlapping. I can’t make a mistake because I can’t paint over a color. But with acrylic, if you mess up, you paint over it. This is a change, a freedom I’ve never experienced. So by the time I finished my tan sketch I had talked myself into relaxing and having fun with this new medium. And this was the big step I had to take for change – accept what this new medium can do and just go for it.

Loose lines and painterly edges are an entirely new experience for me!

Loose lines and painterly edges are an entirely new experience for me!

I have dozens of gouache paintings I hope to complete this year and NOW I also have dozens of acrylic pieces as well. I’m very excited about this big change in my work and setting a tone for embracing change for the year.

If you’d like to see Audition from sketch to finished piece, check out its SKETCH BLOG POST!

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