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The Center of Activity

Every fall Aunt Mel hangs a bird feeder in the front yard. She keeps it full of black oil sunflower seeds through the winter. The wild birds rely on the constant source of food. They spend hours flitting back and forth from the bare tree branches to the feeder.

Aunt Mel has a book identifying different species and enjoys marking off ones she spots eating at the feeder. Cardinals, Finches, Chickadees are common but many other kinds of birds are frequent visitors.

Aunt Mel isn’t the only one who enjoys the bird feeder. The four-legged residents of Aunt Mel’s farms also pay close attention to who eats the sunflowers though their perspecitves of the visitors vary by their unique bias.


Lucky doesn’t see birds, in his mind all small critters are transformed into evil squirrels.


The horses like eating sunflowers so when they see birds, they only see monsters eating THEIR food.


And the cats, well, the cats just see flavorful snacks.

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